Recipe: Toona sinensis

Home Cooking Recipe: Toona sinensis


The citron snail, a classic taste, makes us always have a lot of food and taste. Some friends are also considered to be senior food, and the snails who eat and eat some places always feel that they can't eat the taste of this hometown. Mid-Autumn Nights will also have this delicious snail snack. This is the taste!



  1. The snail that squirts the water and cleans the mud is pliers off the screw buttocks and washed with a brush.

  2. Wash the duck's paw and put it in the pot for half an hour.

  3. Pour the cold snail into the snail until it is boiled. Drain the snail and do not pour the snail water in the pot.

  4. In the hot oil pan, smashed ginger and pepper into the scent, then pour the snail into the snail, add the cooking wine, salt, and stir fry for three minutes, then pour the snail into the water and pour the duck's paw. Try to get as much water as possible, because it is best not to add cold water during the process.

  5. Add the various spices and add the chopped green onion until the end. Add the soy sauce, soy sauce, oil, and medium heat. After half an hour, sprinkle with chopped green onion to serve.


The snail water of the snail snail can be under fire. The snail water of the snail snail has the effect of relieving cough. Generally, the chilly cough and the snail water of the bowl will be very effective. You can also join bamboo shoots together.

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