Recipe: Toon thick egg burning

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon thick egg burning



  1. Marinated toad chopped, mixed with eggs

  2. Apply oil to the pot. As long as a thin layer of oil is good, more eggs are easy to foam

  3. Pour the egg into the pot and spread it into a cake. Heat it slowly with a small fire.

  4. When the egg liquid is slowly solidified, but there is a thin layer of liquid on it, it can be rolled up.

  5. Carefully use a shovel and chopsticks to roll the quiche into an egg roll.

  6. Put the mouth down, then fry it for a minute or two, and feel that the egg roll is not formed.


Cut the egg roll and eat it directly, but it is more delicious in the soup. Below, I just added a little bit of material at hand, adjusted the juice, put the egg roll into it and cook it for a few minutes, then add starch to thicken it. The material is exactly the same as your taste. It is definitely more fragrant to cook a chicken soup.

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