Recipe: Toon seedlings mixed with walnuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon seedlings mixed with walnuts


The walnut kernel and the camphor seedlings are cold mixed together. I don't know which high-person invented it. It is really too classic. It is called the pen of the cold dish. The taste of walnut kernels and camphor seedlings is unique, but when paired together, it is so harmonious whether it is color or taste. Crisp, white, tender and fragrant, once tasted, it will never be forgotten. In recent years, this dish has become more and more popular in the recipes of large and small restaurants, and is very popular among North and South diners. I made a fragrant seedling and walnut kernel at home today, and the taste is really not lost to the big restaurant!



  1. Toon seedlings are ready for use

  2. Soak the walnut kernels with warm water for 30 minutes and tear off the walnut kernels.

  3. Mix the camphor seedling, walnut kernel, salt, vinegar and sesame oil.

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