Recipe: Toon Sauce (for cooking)

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon Sauce (for cooking)


The weather is getting hotter, and it’s almost time to eat the fragrant season. People are always used to retaining the goodness that is about to die. For the love of the toon, it is also divided into two attitudes: like or disgust When I was a child, I first fell in love with the taste of it, and it continues to this day. Toon is one of the rare "leaves" that can be eaten.



  1. The citron is washed and dried to dry the surface, and a spoonful of salt, together with a spoonful of vegetable oil, is broken into a sauce by a blender.

  2. Put the prepared mixture into a sealable container, and then pour the oil without the citron (the effect of separating the air to extend the shelf life)


Refrigerate can be stored for about three months, pay attention to the operation process to keep clean, can be used for fried rice, fried noodles, tofu, boiled, etc.

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