Recipe: Toon egg pancakes with milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon egg pancakes with milk


When I got up in the morning, I didn't want to go to the school cafeteria. I used to make pancakes in the bedroom with the citron I bought yesterday. The first few pieces are frying. I can still see these two~



  1. Cut the toon, pepper, garlic and shallot into the shape

  2. Use a small bowl of the right amount of flour, cut the pepper, garlic, shallot into the bowl, add water and mix. Then add the right amount of salt and fish sauce. (The fish sauce itself has a salty taste.) I didn't add any more eggs in the flour, because I added two in the citron, I just ate it, so I didn't dare to let it go. If you have a meal, you can put one in the flour, which is more fragrant~

  3. Take another bowl and knock two eggs and mix well. Pour the end of the citron, add the right amount of salt, and put a small amount of chili powder.

  4. After the hot pot, pour the cooking oil. (If it is a gas stove, it should be adjusted to a small fire inside and outside, the induction cooker is adjusted to the minimum firepower, I use the cassette furnace, drive to the maximum!) Pour the flour paste, see After the coagulation, pour the appropriate amount of citron egg liquid on the cake. After the cake can be shaken, turn over the other side.

  5. After the two sides of the cake are fried in the brown, after the pot, with a cup of milk, or boil some porridge, you can open it~

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