Recipe: Tomato squid soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato squid soup


Today, I would like to recommend a very nutritious and delicious baby meal - tomato squid soup to moms who will not cook. Generally speaking, children don't like western food very much. KFC's kind of foreign fast food is not counted. In the true sense of Western food, steak, salad, creamy soup and the like, few children like to eat it. But in fact, there are many western food cooking techniques that are more scientific and more able to keep the nutrition from being lost. Compared with the traditional Chinese food stir-fry, frying, and stewing methods, the western food practice is mostly boiled and salted. However, this method of eating is actually healthier and more suitable for the child's fragile stomach. How to make your child eat healthy, eat nutritious, let the child have a good time, eat appetite, and my aunt teaches you a secret, that is to vote for it.



  1. a piece of squid, cut off the surrounding fish skin

  2. Deboning, cut into square pieces

  3. Place in a bowl, add cooking wine, white vinegar, raw flour, mix well

  4. After the tomato is peeled, cut into small

  5. Using a cooking machine to make fruit soup

  6. Butter in medium heat to dissolve

  7. Pour in the beaten tomato puree, add a teaspoon of salt, stir well

  8. Add ketchup and stir well

  9. When the soup is boiling thick, change the fire and enter the fish.

  10. Quickly mix until the fish is broken, turn off the heat, add a small amount of chicken essence, pepper to taste, or not

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