Recipe: Tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato sauce


My family friends like to eat cauliflower, vegetables like broccoli, and also like to eat tomatoes. I took him to buy food that day, let him choose the vegetables he likes. He first chose cauliflower, and then turned around and looked at it. Tomato. I can't say it. The choice of vegetables is enough. Xiaopenyou said with conviction: "Why can you choose the same? You can make them into a dish." I suddenly became cheerful, right, just like it. Why can't tomatoes and cauliflowers be together? Inadvertent collision, with this tomato sauce cauliflower. The cauliflower has a bath in the tomato juice, and the taste is soft and sour, which is the favorite taste of the small pot friends!



  1. After soaking the cauliflower in the light salt water, make a small flower with a hand flap and rinse it off. The tomatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces. Heat the oil pan, stir in the diced tomato, add a teaspoon of white sugar and stir fry until the sand

  2. Stir fry a few times into the cauliflower, add water to the material, boil in medium and small heat until the cauliflower is soft, open the lid and juice, add the right amount of salt and chicken seasoning


1. When the tomato is stir-fried, add a teaspoon of sugar and stir-fry. The sugar can make the tomato juice more rich. 2. The cauliflower can also be boiled in boiling water before cooking with tomato, which can save the time of cooking tomato and cauliflower together. But because the cooked cauliflower is full of water, it may lead to no taste, so I still use The raw cauliflower is cooked with the tomato, so that the cauliflower can better absorb the sweet and sour taste of the tomato.

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