Recipe: Tomato meatball soup.

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato meatball soup.


Since many of my friends have a high opinion on this dish, and then it is also a favorite dish for individuals, it is better to share it with others.



  1. Put the ginger in the minced meat, a small spoon of watercress water (a few drops is enough, go to the sputum), salt, chicken, eggs, starch, water, squeeze and squeeze by hand. (The amount of salt must be well grasped, and then the salt will not be added, no matter how salty your soup is)

  2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces, the shallots are scallions, green, green and scallions, green and chopped, ginger and minced.

  3. Heat the pan and heat the oil. When the oil is 70% hot, add the ginger and scallion to the fragrant, add the diced tomatoes, add a little salt (the tomato juice is faster), stir-fry the soup, add the water, and burn. After cooking for a few minutes, turn the fire down.

  4. Prepare a small spoon, grab a piece of meat in your left hand, squeeze the ball from the mouth of the tiger, scrape it down with a small tune, and put it into the pot. After all the meatballs are placed in the pan, turn the fire to the maximum and cook for a few minutes (here you can grasp it yourself. If you don't master it well, you can use chopsticks to open a look and see it), then transfer the salt and chicken essence. ), start the pot and sprinkle with diced green onion.


Many people think that the meatballs I made are the best they have ever eaten because the meatballs are very tender. The secret is in step 1, which is explained in detail here. First of all, the meat stuffing is to be slightly finer, and the meat balls made from too thick minced meat are really difficult to tender. Secondly, the meat should not be too thin, and there is a little fat in it to eat. Adding eggs is also to eat a little tenderer. In fact, it is egg white, but I am lazy to score. . The last important thing is to squeeze, time and strength are very important, this is the individual strength work. In this process, the meat will dry out. At this time, you need to add water little by little. You will find that the meat can absorb a lot of water. This is the ultimate secret of the meatballs. But don't be too thin, or the pot will be scattered. Besides, because I have a blender at home, I tried to beat the meat into a meat slurry. I found that the meatballs made are very similar to the taste of fish balls in the supermarket. I think I can try some chicken meatballs or something, haha. Then try to add a variety of things to the meat, such as mashed, shredded mushrooms, broken tomatoes, the taste has its own merits. If you add it, it will be sweeter and crunchy, but in this case the meatball will not look so tender. If the shiitake mushrooms are broken, it is too tempting. It is a bit out of touch with the tomato. If you take other leafy vegetables (try the pea tip), it tastes better. If the tomato is broken, Emma I don't remember. I can't eat it, hahahaha. The process of frying the tomatoes is also based on your own taste. I prefer the sour taste of the tomato. If you fry it for a while, the soup will be a little more, and the color of the soup will be more fresh. Many people ask me how to peel the tomato, god, I never peeled it. . I have never felt that the tomato skin is very annoying... Of course, I have seen many ways to peel the tomatoes, for example, after the boiled water is boiled, or after opening a cross, and roasting with fire, when I am full I have tried it, and I personally feel that it is not particularly easy to use. . Regarding the pinching process of the meatballs, the individual feels that it is very painful to be full of hands. Therefore, disposable gloves are always available at home. . Very good use. You can also help yourself when you eat mangoes and eat other things that you need to do.

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