Recipe: Tomato juice strip

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato juice strip


How can you not love sour and sweet?



  1. The pigs are washed and cut into strips.

  2. Use a little salt, pickle the old wine for a while

  3. The egg liquid is broken up, and the strips are immersed in the egg liquid and then taken out with the dry powder.

  4. After the oil is hot, fry the strip twice to golden yellow

  5. After all the strips are fried, the pot is hot and pour into the ketchup. After a little water and sugar, it is poured into the strips. The ketchup is wrapped in the strips and then out of the pan.


Fry the row to master the heat, the first time the fried oil does not smell too high, fried and then fried, fried to the outside crispy color golden just fine.

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