Recipe: Tomato fish ball soup rice noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato fish ball soup rice noodle


Frozen in the cold, just want to eat something hot! Cooking is easy and cold, and soup is boring.



  1. The top of the tomato is cross-boiled and boiled for a while, cut off the bottom rhizome, and peeled after hot.

  2. Boil the hot water in the pot, turn the tomato into a puree with a large spoon, add the fish balls and simmer slowly, then add the white mushroom.

  3. I use the rice noodle, which is between the fan and the rice noodles (of course, everyone can use it), and it is cooked.

  4. Add the hot rice noodles to the slow-cooked tomato fish balls soup, season, add salt and white pepper powder, and sprinkle a little sesame oil or pepper oil according to your preference before baking.


1. Regarding the serving size of the tomatoes, three medium-sized tomatoes in the case of two small pots. 2, tomatoes should choose sand shovel, red, can not be hard, so that the soup bottom is rich and delicious. 3, when adding salt a small number of times, while adding flavor and taste, just the right salt can bring out the sweet and sour tomato.

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