Recipe: Tomato bolognese noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato bolognese noodles



  1. [food treatment] meat and rice wine and salt seasoning; tomato washed diced; cheese shredded

  2. [Do the tomato bolognese] simmer the meat sauce with warm oil, dilute the oil after the discoloration; stir the tomato diced with hot oil, add a small amount of salt to promote its softening, add the tomato sauce after the tomato is soft, simmer for a few minutes, wait for the tomato Invisible, put in the meat sauce, mix it

  3. [cooked noodles] soup pot boiled water, add a spoonful of salt, add a few drops of olive oil. Pour the pasta into the water and stir it with a spoon. It takes 7-8 minutes to write the cooking noodles on the package, and I cook for 8 minutes.

  4. [Do the tomato sauce] Drain the boiled pasta, add it to the tomato sauce, mix it thoroughly and put it in the dish.

  5. [Cheese] Cheese is evenly spread on the surface of the pasta with tomato sauce

  6. 【焗面】Preheat for 2 minutes at 200 degrees, put in a dish, bake at 220 degrees for 10 minutes, the surface can be yellowed.


1. Tomato skin contains a lot of lycopene. It is a waste of these high-quality nutrients, so I don't peel the tomato dishes, just wash them. Moreover, in this dish, the tomato skin has not been formed, and it has little effect on the taste. 2. This time, the small curved surface is used. 3, 200 degrees 10 minutes just baked the effect on the map.

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