Recipe: Tofu vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu vegetables



  1. Cut the tofu into a side, use a spoon to dig the middle of the tofu, a tofu box

  2. Add the meat to the salt, MSG, sesame oil, seafood sauce, onion ginger, cooking wine, pepper, sugar, and mix in one direction.

  3. Chop the tofu, mushrooms, carrots, green peppers, corn kernels, add salt, pepper, and MSG.

  4. Add the meat to the bottom layer of the tofu box. Don't fill it up. Add some other vegetables to the meat and put them in the plate.

  5. Put water in the steamer, heat it to the water, put it on the plate, steam for 8 minutes on medium heat.


It is best to cover the plastic wrap on the plate with tofu vegetables, otherwise there will be steam dripping in and dilute the taste.

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