Recipe: Tianjin pot ridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianjin pot ridge


This dish is Tianjin cuisine, although I have not seen it myself, but I am almost pondering.



  1. First cut the loin (about 1 yuan is enough), pay attention not too long, cut it and put it in the container, pour the cooking wine (more pour some), soy sauce, the right amount of edible salt (this amount is and The final total salt is less) and MSG, marinated for 5-10 minutes.

  2. When pickling, cut the small shallots into small pieces, then take two eggs into the container, then pour the chopped green onion into the egg mixture, pick a little salt and stir until foaming.

  3. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the wok. The oil temperature should not be too hot. Pour the marinated tenderloin and liquid seasoning quickly. Note that the oil will splash out and burn to the skin, quickly returning to the five ripe, out of the pan, and the loin and The gravy is separated.

  4. Clean the wok, pour in the cooking oil to prepare the eggs, pour the eggs into the pot, and quickly sprinkle the loin on the surface of the egg without coagulation. Wait until the egg sticks to the pan and fry. Continue to fry.

  5. I feel that the opposite side is also fried. I pour the gravy before the pork (so that I can avoid another juice, if the gravy is rarely added with some white water), some soy sauce (colored), simmer for 5 minutes, then blaze Receive juice, don't charge too clean.


The fifth step is the process of pot collapse, which requires slow stewing. Enjoy it, really delicious~~

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