Recipe: Tianjin Fried Noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianjin Fried Noodles


Fried noodles, maybe every taste is different, but in my memory, this is the fried noodles, the taste of my mother, and my mother's specialty. When I used to take meals in high school, my mother would bring me a lot, because he knew that my friends had to drop at least one lunch box. Later, when I arrived in Canada, I only had one chance to eat the fried noodles made by my mother. I missed it so much, so I can only do it myself.



  1. Cut the noodles first on the pan for five minutes, then tidy, divide the one that is too long into two, and the color will be more uniform when fried.

  2. Cabbage, carrot, ham or tenderloin, shred, I love ham

  3. Eggs are fried, not too broken, everyone wants to eat a large number of eggs when eating fried noodles

  4. Put the oil in the hot pot, stir-fry the onion, stir-fry the ham / shredded pork, and then put the prepared noodles. In the words of the mother, let each one be oiled, but I don’t think it is realistic. Anyway, it means Noodles

  5. Evenly drench the soy sauce and evenly! Don’t want to remember when you’re black and white.

  6. After frying two times, you can put a large wave of cabbage, carrot, and carrot eggs on the surface, properly pour some boiling water, quickly cover the lid, and cook the vegetables by steam.

  7. I haven't tested the time. Anyway, if you look at the cooked food, you can open the lid, stir fry, let the vegetables stain the color, taste the salty, and add some salt.

  8. Go out of the pot, open to eat, like a little vinegar, like two garlic ~~


Tips are fried noodles. This food can be adjusted according to your own preferences. I love the original taste, but my husband loves to eat vinegar.

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