Recipe: Tianbei vegetal burger

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianbei vegetal burger


Tianbei, the English name Tempeh, is also translated as Danbei and Tianpei. It originated from Nanyang Island and is a naturally fermented soybean product. The protein absorption rate after fermentation reaches about 95%, which is necessary for vegetarians. Vitamin B12. Europe and the United States call it "the best substitute for meat"



  1. Lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms are washed. Tianbei thawed in advance

  2. Mushrooms go to the pan and stir fry on both sides, the scallops are sliced, and the small fire is fried into golden yellow on both sides.

  3. Asparagus on the boiling water pot for two minutes, remove the cold water

  4. First put the fried mushrooms on the burger embryo and sprinkle a little salt black pepper.

  5. Put the fried scallops, then the tomato slices and squeeze the soft yellow mustard sauce

  6. On the top layer, put the lettuce, cover another piece of hamburger embryo, and put the asparagus on the side as a side dish~


The burger embryo is lazy, bought Mankton's, no egg and no milk in the ingredients. Gentle yellow mustard sauce is a Western-style sauce I use, no eggs, no milk, no five drops, bought at IKEA~

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