Recipe: Three fresh spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh spring rolls


Some people say that the spring rolls were fried when the mother was a child, and I feel that it is the Chinese New Year. Some people say that the spring rolls are the food that can't be eaten in the spring. It seems that only this way, the spring is really close; I want to say that the crisp and delicious spring rolls are almost everyone loves, when do you want to eat when you want to eat, how to eat if you want to eat, huh, a piece of leather The rich content from the bean paste to the shredded pork to the vegan, for you to change. Spring is here, and the season when spring is enjoying the spring is coming. Do you like this time when you choose fresh cabbage and mushrooms with dew? On the table, fresh The spring rolls are like blossoming flowers in the spring, and the information of spring is swept in, and bite down, the taste of spring is plunged. In my heart. . . Fried spring rolls are hot and crispy and soft inside. If you can't finish it once, the cool spring rolls will not be crispy. Just eat them in the microwave and eat them high. It takes only half a minute to heat up. In February, the hundred-flavor spring rolls are rolled up. Is this the one that I like to do?



  1. Wash and chop the cabbage (the vegetables can be slightly cut for the first time), add a little salt to the chopped cabbage, grab it evenly with your hands, put it for a while, put it into the clean cage cloth after the water, Exfoliate the water, then crush the green vegetables that have been squeezed and mash them.

  2. Pleurotus ostreatus and shiitake mushrooms are washed and chopped separately. The same method is used to squeeze out the water. Add a little oyster sauce and mix well. Add the egg and mix with a little salt. Stir fry and chop the chop.

  3. Prepare the prepared Chinese cabbage, shredded mushrooms, and crushed the eggs evenly. Add the appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence and sesame oil.

  4. Take a spring roll, use a spoon to take a proper amount of stuffing and put it in the lower part of the spring roll, and roll it up from the bottom (when the roll is light), wrap the stuffing and then put the spring roll on the left and right sides. Fold in the middle, seal the opening at both ends, and finally foam some wet starch at the seal

  5. Pour the oil into the pan, heat it to 60% heat in medium heat, put it into spring rolls, change it into a small fire, fry until the skin is golden yellow, clip it out on the oil-absorbing paper towel and remove excess oil, cut into the dish.

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