Recipe: Three-color crispy egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Three-color crispy egg roll



  1. Mix the eggs and sugar and add the melted butter (no need to send it)

  2. The medium powder is sieved, poured into 1 and stirred until no particles are smooth. Divide into three points, add black sesame seeds to one part, add matcha powder (sifted) to one part, and add cocoa powder (sifted) to one part and mix well.

  3. Preheating the egg roll mold, my egg roll mold is the one that is directly heated and pressed on the gas stove. After the mold is heated, open the minimum fire, put a spoonful of spoon on the mold, put it together for twenty seconds, then turn it over. When both sides are almost good, roll it up with chopsticks to make the egg roll~

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