Recipe: The most detailed lazy version of Japanese beef curry rice in history - package delicious - cooking white look over

Home Cooking Recipe: The most detailed lazy version of Japanese beef curry rice in history - package delicious - cooking white look over


Speaking of curry rice, I think many people will do it. Certainly someone will jump out and dismissively say, "This is a martyrdom. Isn't it just to cut the material and cook the curry block and then it's OK?" That's right, the curry rice is so simple. But how can I do it very well? I think there are still some secrets. It is beef curry rice, which is harder than chicken. If you are willing to know, let's take a look at the recipes. The main reasons are how the beef is softer. How to cut vegetables, tips in cooking.



  1. Wash the beef and peel the film to remove the ribs. Cut into pieces of about 2CM. Put a little cornstarch and mix well.

  2. Wash the rice, put on the water, soak it up, and after 20 minutes, turn on the rice cooker. The rice that comes out of this way should be better. Everyone can try Akita Komachi, which is full of teeth and is especially delicious.

  3. Make a pot of boiling water

  4. Onions, carrots, diced potatoes, diced potatoes, here to pay attention, potatoes are bigger and thicker than carrots. Carrot Ding can be soaked in water, potatoes do not soak water Ding and block ratio is probably, carrot 1CM. That potato is about 1.5-2CM. It’s nothing big, because it takes a long time to cook, and the potatoes will be partially removed in the curry sauce. If it is cut too small, there will be no potatoes to eat after cooking.

  5. Put the pot, medium heat, put the butter, turn the beef into the diced, and the surface of the beef is mostly discolored and ready for use.

  6. Hot pot, put a proper amount of cooking oil, a little more than normal cooking. In the middle of the fire, the onion is diced, and the sauté is sautéed. Don't drain too much. . Then add the potato pieces and stir fry for about three minutes.

  7. Add boiled water and honey, and the amount of water must not only be more than the ingredients. Lower beef diced. After the fire is boiled, turn to medium heat and cover the lid for 15-20 minutes. In the meantime, remember to lick the foam (remember to cover the lid, and the rice can start to smash)

  8. After 15-20 minutes. Try the softness of the potatoes, and cook them, but not as dense as the standard, turn off the fire. Add the Bai Meng Duo Curry block, stir evenly and cover the lid for 15 minutes.

  9. After 15 minutes, start a small fire. With salt. If it is non-stick. It can be cooked for ten minutes and stirred for five minutes. After ten minutes, open the lid and open the fire to collect the juice. In the meantime, stir it constantly. After the juice is thick, turn off the heat and cover it for ten minutes. If it is an ordinary pot, first collect the juice for five minutes, then continue to collect the juice in the medium and small fires. pot. After the juice is thick, turn off the fire and cover it for ten minutes. The sauce will become thicker as it cools. So you can turn off the fire if it is a little thinner than the consistency you want to achieve.

  10. At this time, the rice is almost as good. The rice is full of a bowl, and the rice is poured on the plate, and the curry sauce is poured. The curry beef sauce that comes out of this way, the beef is soft and tender, and the potatoes are soft and delicious. The taste is absolutely fascinating.


I need to pay attention to the steps I wrote directly in the steps. When cooking curry sauce, you can make some refreshing side dishes that you like, such as boiled broccoli. You can get some fried goods by yourself. Matching curry rice is a good choice.

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