Recipe: The low-fat "fresh fruit yogurt mousse" that the dieter loves most.

Home Cooking Recipe: The low-fat


Greedy and fat, this is me! The whole body is full of delicious things and I worry that this hard-won figure will rebound! (The baby has already weighed 165 pounds when I was born.) Today, this is a sudden creative idea in my head. Success, so share it with my sisters and hope everyone likes it!



  1. I am a six-inch mold, so I used two pieces of agilent tablets (must use the setting effect) to soak the gelatin tablets into cold water to soften them.

  2. I used a hurricane cake, put it in the mold, press it firmly and firm it.

  3. If you choose the bottom of the biscuit, you can put the prepared biscuit into the fresh-keeping bag and crush it with a rolling pin and mix it with the right amount of butter (you can also mix it with corn oil). You don't need too much sticky feeling to mix the biscuits. Broken into the mold and pressed by hand to the tightest

  4. Remove the soft gelatin tablets and squeeze the water.

  5. According to personal preference, choose fruit, wash and peel, put it into the pulverizer and add a small amount of milk to avoid the pulp being too dry. Stirring unevenly.

  6. Put the pulverized pulp into a small milk pot and gently warm it (as long as it is slightly). Add the softened gyridine tablets to the mixture until it is completely melted.

  7. Pour the yoghurt into the pulp that was made in the previous step. Stir well and mix the soft milk with the flesh of the gelatine.

  8. Pour the prepared mousse into the mold. Put it in the refrigerator for four hours and then take it out to start it!


1. The gelatin film is a must-have material for the mousse. 2. The warmed flesh is only slightly heated to prevent the flesh from being too hot and spoiled. 3. The sugar can be added according to personal preference. 4. Yogurt should be poured into the pulp and must be thoroughly mixed. Otherwise, some parts can not be fixed after refrigerating. 5. Choose fruit must be convenient to set the juice. Don't be too rich, even if you are so rich!

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