Recipe: The common practice of stewing tofu with tofu, fat sausage stewed tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: The common practice of stewing tofu with tofu, fat sausage stewed tofu


The pig's large intestine not only has excellent flexibility, but also has the functions and effects of moistening dryness, tonic, and hemostasis. Especially suitable for patients with constipation and hemorrhoids. Not to mention tofu, it is rich in protein and other nutrients. Therefore, the fat sausage and tofu are made together to make the tofu, nutrition and deliciousness are upgraded.



  1. Cut the cooked pig fat into a horseshoe block, put it into a boiling water pot, remove it, drain the water; cut the tofu into a 4 cm diamond-shaped block, boil it with boiling water; wash the heart of the rapeseed and pour it into a single leaf;

  2. Onions, ginger cut into the end; garlic slices; carrots peeled, cut into small diamonds;

  3. Place the pot on the fire, add lard to heat, use diced green onion, ginger, garlic and shabu-shabu; add the pork intestines and carrots to the wok, add 500 grams of broth, add soy sauce, salt, cooking wine Add pepper, add tofu, boil and simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat; add rapeseed, MSG, red oil (chili oil), then stew for 3 minutes, topped with sesame oil.


Need about 500 grams of soup, if there is no soup can be replaced with water. First of all, clean the intestines, then cut the cooked fat into small pieces of moderate size, and the tofu should also be cut into a diamond shape, which looks more beautiful, and the small pieces are easier to cook. :

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