Recipe: The common practice of ginger silk chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: The common practice of ginger silk chicken


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  1. Refers to the pepper. There are also sour bamboo shoots forgotten to take, sour bamboo shoots are also shredded.

  2. The ginger is shredded.

  3. Three Tianji chickens, bought in the supermarket, can help kill. Put some ginger, cooking wine, and marinate for a while.

  4. Sour ginger.

  5. Pickled pepper, I put three. Very delicious.

  6. Hot pot, add minced garlic, sour pickled pepper, sour ginger, pepper, sour bamboo shoots, stir-fry for a while, then add turkey, stir fry, add a little salt. Put another bowl of water in the soup pot. Cook for a few minutes.

  7. Cover it for about five minutes, add three or four drops of sour vinegar after boiling, and season with a little sugar. You can put the bowl on the table. Hot and sour appetizer. The chicken is tender and tender, and the ginger soup can be used to dispel cold.


Ginger silk chicken, ginger can drive cold. Tianji is a nutritious food that supplements vitality and cures spleen. It is suitable for lack of energy, endoproteinemia and various symptoms of yin deficiency.

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