Recipe: The choice of white hot pot soup base - pork belly chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: The choice of white hot pot soup base - pork belly chicken


The method is simple, the soup is delicious, the nutrition is warm and the stomach is suitable for all ages. There are advertisements! Wow haha~~~



  1. Wash the fresh pork belly and cut into strips after use.

  2. Chicken chop, spare water after use.

  3. Pour the processed strips and chicken pieces into the casserole, add appropriate amount of white pepper and ginger, and add enough water.

  4. The fire is boiled, and then turn to a small fire and simmer. After the belly is soft, add the appropriate amount of salt and white pepper, and turn off the heat after 10 minutes.

  5. First drink some soup to eat some meat, then put on the induction cooker and start the hot pot. A variety of vegetables, a variety of meatballs, tofu bean skin noodles, ham, and so on, all can be. Love it and eat it!

  6. What is the oil dish? The habit of the Sichuanese is garlic sesame oil, add some fuel and parsley, and the incense is dead!

  7. Finally, please see the tips.


PS: 1. There are many ways to clean the pork belly. The best I have used is to wash with vegetable oil, followed by white vinegar and coarse salt. Usually I wash it first with cooking oil, then with vinegar, then with salt, and finally rinse with water, and wash it very clean.  2. The amount of water depends on the situation. If there are few people, just drink soup and eat meat and then scald vegetables, then add less water, the amount of water has not been a little food; if there are many people, hot pot, add more water. Of course, if you add less water to the soup, you will definitely be a bit more white and drink a little. The photo of the recipe is a lot of water.  3, the salt must wait until the belly is soft and then put, otherwise the stew is not soft. White pepper powder can be put a little more than usual soup, too much soup will suffer.  4. What should I do if I can't finish the belly? Keep the next meal to make green bamboo shoots and burn the belly!

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