Recipe: Thanksgiving turkey

Home Cooking Recipe: Thanksgiving turkey


As a graduate student in the food department, I forced the Chinese to make a 20-pound turkey for the old beauty of the whole department. .



  1. The turkey is bought back and put in the refrigerator or sink to thaw. . May be. . 3 days. . We have a constant temperature room and thaw for 3 days around 10°.

  2. At 6 o'clock in the morning, the turkey is washed.

  3. Bloom the butter, mix fresh rosemary and thyme and salt into the butter

  4. Give the turkey a massage, separate the chicken breast and chicken breast

  5. In the chicken breast and the chicken breast, a lot of the butter is mixed.

  6. The turkey belly is stuffed into chunks of onions

  7. The surface of the turkey is coated with salt and black pepper (the best is now!)

  8. Put it in the big baking pan, it must be big, because the turkey will have a lot of water.

  9. Turkey is surrounded by onion blocks

  10. Pouring the right amount of chicken soup on the turkey surface

  11. Put fresh rosemary and thyme on the turkey

  12. Europe! At 6 o'clock, the oven preheats 350F

  13. Put the turkey in a preheated oven

  14. Loose layer of tin foil

  15. Take out chicken soup every other hour, but it can be half an hour. . It does not matter

  16. In this way, bake for about 5 hours.

  17. Going down to do gravy

  18. Chopped onion

  19. Buttering

  20. Stir in the pot together, or say 熬

  21. After the onion is completely brown, add various spices

  22. Continue to lick, then add the Italian vinegar and honey

  23. Finally, the flour is added with water and added to the onion mixture (similar to the raw meal).

  24. After the turkey is cooked, take it out and cool it down, then gravy it.


In fact, how to make turkey is very difficult to eat, but foreigners are very happy to eat. . NY's senior turkeys are completely different from their own, and they won't do it for the second time in this life. . It is said that on average Thanksgiving every American eats 18 pounds of turkey every year, they are very poor. .

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