Recipe: Thai tomato tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai tomato tofu soup


Tomato tofu soup is actually a common home-cooked dish. When I was a child, I had a few dishes at home, so I used it to eat rice. I have never thought that this soup will become a pre-meal appetizer soup that is very comfortable to drink. It’s also very simple to do, and there’s still a chance to try different Thai seasonings. The materials are almost always home-made, special fish sauce and lemon juice



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: In a small bowl, mash and mix the top five ingredients. (cell rupture, aroma overflow)

    In a small bowl, mash and mix the top five ingredients. (cell rupture, aroma overflow)

  2. The soup pot is boiled and dried over medium heat, and the vegetable oil and the chopped ingredients are heated for 15 seconds. (the aroma completely overflows)

  3. Add water, lemon juice, fish sauce, brown sugar, and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. (The soup base is formed!)

  4. Add tofu and tomato pieces (shrimp at home, you can also add to cook), continue to cook for 3 minutes, sprinkle the other half of the parsley before the pot, ok!


I have eaten Thai food in China, and I feel that I have no impression. After coming to Quebec, I was amazed at the blossoming of Vietnamese and Thai foods, and the popularity was beyond the Chinese cuisine of one of the world's three major cuisines! After a taste of Thai soup, the status of Thai food has suddenly increased in my heart, and I don’t know a few streets for the so-called North American dishes. I am a good child who loves to study. After I have finished, I will study the secrets of Thai food. Starting today, I started to introduce Thai food. Don't miss the sour and hot children's paper! My food blog:

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