Recipe: Thai sweet chili sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai sweet chili sauce


Simple enough to look straight, delicious to tears. The recipe comes from: (with flow chart)



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the ribs and remove the white film.

    Wash the ribs and remove the white film.

  2. Sprinkle salt and sprinkle with pepper.

  3. Throw it into the container and seal it with tin foil (it is important to seal this), oven 135 degrees (Fahrenheit 275) and bake for four hours.

  4. Take out a layer of Thai sweet chili sauce (I don't know what to call this stuff... Anyway, it's called sweet chili sauce in English). I use the brand Mae Ploy that can be seen everywhere in the US.

  5. Put the meat in the baking dish, still 135 degrees, bake for five minutes. (What? Do you want to bake more for a while? If you are not satisfied after five minutes of trying it out...)

  6. eat.


The taste is really handsome. The original blogger said that after eating this product, you will never want to eat ribs outside. I didn’t know if this was a joke after I tried it... In addition, legend, you can also use teriyaki sauce or other sauce you like... I have not tried it, but after four hours of roasting, the meat has been fragrant and life-threatening, and it’s so soft that it’s off the bone... What sauce will be delicious to fly...

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