Recipe: Thai style soup powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai style soup powder


Very simple one, the rice noodles are cooked very quickly and also have elasticity. The soup with broth and a few slices of beef are not Thai, and the Chinese and Thai "hybrid"



  1. Wash the rice flour first, then soak

  2. Boil the boiled water, wait until the water in the pot boils, put about the rice noodles, about 5 minutes, the rice noodles can be white from the transparent

  3. Rice flour is removed for use. Add cabbage, ham, and ham in the noodles. Add the appropriate amount of salt (try it). Wait until the cabbage is cooked and add to the bowl. Pour the soup.

  4. Finally, I have just had braised beef at home, so I added a few slices. If I feel light, I can add chili sauce. You're done! ! ! !


If you want the taste of chicken soup, it is best to add fresh chicken juice. If you don't have it, you can add chicken soup and the like.

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