Recipe: Thai seafood vermicelli salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai seafood vermicelli salad


The earliest Thai food was in Shanghai, and the Oriental Xintiandi had a “Golden Elephant Garden”, which is said to be very authentic. However, it may not be good for the dishes, only the impression of the red coffee. Later, I was eating Thai hot pot in Shanghai and I felt that it was delicious. Harbin also opened the "Golden Elephant Garden" in 2003, with parents to eat, the most favorite is the raw food of hot and sour shrimp. Beijing's "lemon leaves" are also Thai foods, and they eat more because they are close to the place where they go to work, and the hot pot menu at noon is economical. However, it has not been opened recently in the renovation store. Recently, I was fascinated by "very Thai", and I ordered the same three dishes each time: seafood vermicelli salad, lemon steamed squid, and shrimp sauce. One of the seafood vermicelli salads is a typical cold dish in Thai food. It is also one of the must-order dishes for many people when they eat Thai food. It is sour and refreshing, and you can eat a lot of rice every time. The theme of this year's downfall has made me eager to try, because the raw materials and practices are relatively simple, this dish must be the first choice for you to try DIY Thai food at home.



  1. Squid cut into strips

  2. Shrimp go to the sand line to cook and peel

  3. Onion shredded, small tomato cut in half

  4. Fans boil in boiling water, then cool water

  5. Mix all the ingredients together, add 5ML of cooking wine, fish sauce, chili powder, sugar, and lime to cut the juice, then leave a little and cut into thin skin and mix into the dish. Mix well and sprinkle with basil leaves (nine-story tower)


1. After mixing, put it in the refrigerator and taste better. 2, Thai food is not vinegar, only add lime juice. If you like sour, add more lime juice instead of white vinegar. 3, it is best not to add salt, season with fish sauce 4, I added a little garlic, it is also delicious

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