Recipe: Thai pineapple rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai pineapple rice


The thick pineapple scent is always so tempting, with every white rice and all the ingredients, fully absorb the sweetness of the pineapple, make them different, and you will definitely be full of praise. Very delicious and unique Thai fried rice, you don't miss it.



  1. Set the pineapple upright, cut from the 1/3 of the pineapple, do not destroy the pineapple head, leave the 2/3 section as a container, gently dig out the pineapple pulp, and soak it in light salt water for 15 minutes and cut into small spare

  2. Cut the onion into diced, cut into the ring of pepper, egg into the bowl, transfer a little oyster sauce to break up

  3. Put the appropriate amount of oil in the hot pot. When the fire is heated to 80% of the oil, pour in the egg liquid and quickly smash it with a shovel. Add the raw peanuts and fry for about 1 minute until crispy.

  4. Pour 1 spoonful of oil into the hot pot, add green beans, onion diced, shrimp, and stir-fried peppers for a while, add white rice, fried egg and pineapple, add seasoning and stir-fry until they are in the pineapple Sprinkle peanuts on it


1. It is more convenient to buy ready-made cooked peanuts. 2. Pineapple must be soaked in salt water before consumption to inhibit the activity of protease in pineapple and prevent allergic reactions after eating.

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