Recipe: Tender Tofu Salad (from Chi Yin's "I Love Salad")

Home Cooking Recipe: Tender Tofu Salad (from Chi Yin's


The sale is really good, but the taste is not bad~ The formula comes from "I love salad", I am just a porter. By the way, this book is recommended.



  1. Make a sauce first. After the onion is minced, mix with sugar, orange juice and miso; add grape seed oil and mix well.

  2. Prepare dishes. The lettuce was cut into pieces of 4 cm in length; the cucumber was peeled and cut into 6 cm long strips.

  3. Wobble plate. Silken tofu into the dish; put lettuce, cucumber, and topped with sauce; decorative radish seedlings with bonito flakes.


I have not done anything. I switched to xylitol and I used orange juice to get the oranges. This is relatively healthy. It is not sweet to eat, it is very refreshing. Beautiful and beautiful tofu is great~

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