Recipe: Teenage heart group

Home Cooking Recipe: Teenage heart group


What is the heart of the girl? Because there are crabs in the inside to make the stuffing ~ there is the owner of the recipe, I am a girl. . Ah hahahahahaha



  1. I have mixed brown rice with rice that has been prepared in advance, so I use it directly. If you don't like eating, you can't let it go, but eating more whole grains is good for your health. Heat the rice microwave, add a little salt and black pepper and mix well. Add seaweed and black sesame and mix well.

  2. Lettuce shredded with salad dressing and mix well. The crab will be cut into small pieces for use.

  3. The rice ball mold is wet with water, which is for anti-sticking. Use a spoon to dig some rice into the mold and compact it. Put a piece of crab and a little lettuce, then add the rice to compact.

  4. Take out the mold and take out all the rice balls in turn. Finally, you can eat Shanghai moss.


The dishes can be changed at will, and you can enjoy them with cabbage and cucumber. Crab willow is very important, the key to the girl's heart is here. Note that crab is not a crab stick!

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