Recipe: Taste cauliflower

Home Cooking Recipe: Taste cauliflower



  1. Wash the cauliflower with your hand, choose a small flower, crush the small pieces of garlic, and cut the thin pork belly. (If you don't have pork belly, you can also slice the lean meat and the net fat.) The red pepper is cut into rings, and the green onion is appropriate.

  2. The pot is hotter and more oily. The garlic slices are sautéed. The cauliflower, the meat slices and the peppers are put together for stir fry, and the soy sauce and soy sauce are added. The fire is stir-fried until the cauliflower becomes soft and ripe. Add salt, chicken essence and green onion.


1, do this dish, remember not to add water to the cockroach, so the cauliflower out of it is not fragrant. 2, the oil should be put more, it is not easy to paste the pot. 3, if you are not afraid of fat, the best choice is to use lard to cook, so the taste is more fragrant. 4, the amount of pepper can be adjusted according to their own preferences, those who are spicy can use the dry wild pepper, but also the next meal.

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