Recipe: Taji pot, noodles, noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot, noodles, noodles



  1. Pork in advance with soy sauce. Raw soy. Starch. Salt. Cooking wine. Marinated, put into the silica gel Taji pot, put onion ginger garlic, pour the right amount of cooking oil, microwave oven for 3 minutes. (with side dish 1)

  2. Tomato, bean sprouts, onion ginger and garlic, add into the pot, add the right amount of salt, soy sauce, add seasoning according to personal taste. Add a small amount of cool white and stir well. (with side dish 2)

  3. Pour the broth of the side dish 1 into the Taji pot a little, then add the spaghetti (the noodles must choose the thinnest and thinnest, so it is delicious, but it is not absolute, because I prefer to eat such noodles. Put it in microwave high fire for 4 minutes. Because of the inherent nature of Taji pot, steam can be returned to the bottom of the pot, so that the noodles will not paste, do not stick to the pan, and evenly heated, each noodle is soft and elastic. This way, the steam of the soup can be used to steam the noodles, because the gravy is used as the soup of steamed noodles, and the noodles will taste better. (At this time, the interview is mature)

  4. Pour the broth of the side dish 1 and the side dish 2 evenly over the noodles, stir well, then spread the side dish 1 evenly on the surface, microwave for 3 minutes, then place the green pepper on the surface 焖 2 ~3 minutes

  5. Finally, put your own cut carrots on the simmered noodles, not only good-looking, but also more refreshing.


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