Recipe: Tahini with spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Tahini with spinach


A tender green leafy spinach served with homemade sesame sauce. The boiled spinach bites in the mouth, the refreshing juice and fine fibers between the teeth, and the taste of the sauce is filled with the scent of the sesame. The simple taste can bring the inner clean, can eat quietly, is also a kind of enjoyment. Many small friends, even big friends, don't like spinach very much. First, the time to go home from work is tense, it is difficult to wash the spinach and it is difficult to take time; secondly, there is always a smell of cockroaches, which is uncomfortable to stick between the lips and teeth. Then my method today should solve these two problems. 1. Spinach removes the roots. When washing, add a little flour to the bowl to remove the dirt and make it easy to clean. 2. Add salt and a little sesame oil to the boiling water of the spinach, which can remove oxalic acid and make the spinach more green. The adjustment of sesame sauce: 2 tablespoons of sesame sauce, 1 spoonful of warm water, a little vinegar, and evenly stirred.



  1. Add a little salt and cooking oil to the boiling water and put in the spinach and water.

  2. Prepare sesame sauce: add warm water in sesame sauce and adjust to separate;

  3. Add balsamic vinegar in sequence, soy sauce, and continue to mix thoroughly;

  4. Sprinkle on the spinach, sprinkle with shallot and mix thoroughly.


1. When you put in the spinach, you will remove it immediately. Don't wait until you change the color and then fish it. 2, sesame sauce is the most abundant in all seasonings, containing 1170mg per 100g of calcium, even peanut butter is only 67mg.

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