Recipe: Sweet spicy egg pancakes

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet spicy egg pancakes


Unlike waffles enough thick enough it richer and more full control inside the material is free to change to a breakfast of hot drinks matched with a cup of warm winter breakfast can simply warm and delicious ~



  1. Dissolve an egg, add the right amount of salt, then sift it into the flour, stir it into a flowable batter (if it is too thick), then let it stand.

  2. Add the ingredients while waiting for the batter. Slice the slabs of the square legs, wash the lettuce with shallots, cut the chopped green onion, add the oil to the pan, and fry the legs until the micro-focus.

  3. Put the chopped green onion into the batter before, then pan the hot oil, spread it into a quiche, and serve in the pan.

  4. Then beat an egg and spread it into the pan. When the egg is not fully cooked and there is a flowing state, put the previously spread the quiche and compact it with a shovel.

  5. Wipe the sweet and spicy sauce, put the lettuce and the legs, fold the pan and squeeze the nectar.


The most important thing to note is that the batter with batter is slightly smaller than the omelet, so that it can be folded in the back, otherwise it will be easy to disperse. Sauces and additives can be randomly changed, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, what you want to eat, it is so capricious ~

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