Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus pear juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus pear juice


This side dish is sweet and delicious, especially for girls to make small snacks. If you are too lazy to squeeze pear juice, you can go to the supermarket to buy ready-made pure juice. Pay attention to “Xiao Yu Private Kitchen” and update three to four private kitchen menus every night. WeChat public account: "xiaoyusichu" Sina Weibo: Tong Xiaoyu



  1. Juice the pears

  2. After washing the cherry tomatoes, cut the cross-shaped knife with a knife at the bottom, not too deep, in order to facilitate peeling

  3. Add water to the pot. After the water is opened, simmer the cherry tomatoes in the pan and see the skin cracked.

  4. You can fish out and wash the water. Then carefully peel off the skin from the previously cut edge

  5. Put the peeled cherry tomatoes in a sealable bottle or glass box, pour the previously squeezed pear juice and sprinkle a large spoonful of dried osmanthus

  6. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator for one night.

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