Recipe: Sweet pumpkin noodle cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet pumpkin noodle cake


I like pasta, especially all kinds of cakes, but since last year, in order to keep my body, rice noodles have been eaten very much, and most of the time I have replaced it with sweet potato with less carbon water. Scallion cakes don't dare to eat, almost oil-free baking cakes are occasionally eaten, and fermented foods have many benefits for the body. The recipe for this cake can also be made into a stuffing. I made three purple potato stuffings. When the staple food is a snack, it is delicious. Empty mouthfuls have only a little sweet taste. If you like sweet, you can add more sugar, but it is best not to exceed 10% of the flour. My pumpkin is relatively thin, and the amount of water should be adjusted according to my own situation. Adding foaming powder is quicker and the taste is softer. If you don't like it, you can't add it. Then the fermentation time is best extended. It is twice as large and then exhausted (similar to making a steamed bread). If the cake is small, you can also add water without simmering. My cake is thicker, and the addition of water will cause the surface to be creamy. Although it is cooked, it tastes slightly sticky.



  1. The yeast was dissolved in water for 10 minutes. The baking powder is evenly mixed with the flour. Mix all the ingredients except oil and purple potato stuffing into a smoother dough. Add oil and continue to knead into a smooth dough.

  2. The dough is covered with plastic wrap and allowed to stand for half an hour.

  3. The well-baked dough is ventilated and divided into 6 equal portions (about 110 grams per serving, one of my family eats a good amount). Sprinkle a little bit of powder, continue to knead each, and form a sphere, flat. If you need to stuff it, just like the bean paste bag, just flatten it with the mouth facing down. At this time, the cake was about 1 cm thick and 10 cm in diameter. Cover with gauze dampened and let stand for 15 minutes (will initiate some).

  4. Preheat the pan with a small fire and wipe the inside of the pan with a paper towel. Put in the cake, leave a little space. A pot with a diameter of 25 cm can be fired three times at a time. Cover the lid with a small amount of fire, and open the lid in the middle to turn the direction of the cake to make it evenly heated.

  5. After one side of the coloring, turn the other side, continue to cover the cover until it is fully launched, and the bottom is colored. Add a small bowl of hot water (to the 1/5 of the cake), and cover the lid with water until the water is basically dry. Open the lid and continue to dry all the water. Turn the surface and dry the surface. If you don’t turn over, it will soften and collapse on the side, and the taste is not good.)

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