Recipe: Sweet potato white sesame

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato white sesame


Fang Zi from "Fuji Chiaki's Scones and Soft Cookies" "Hybrid and sesame mix? Don't make a difference, you will be convinced by its taste." - P33 hawthorn (sweet potato) is the best "comfort" food in winter, cold When I came to a hot roasted sweet potato, it couldn’t be any more wonderful~ Sweet potato diced was added to Si Kang, and all kinds of flavors had to be known before I knew it~



  1. Preparation: a. Butter cut 1cm small square, refrigerator refrigerated b. With skin hawthorn / sweet potato cut into 1.5cm squares, boil in water for about 1 minute, remove and drain to cool spare (because of the subsequent heating, preferably boiled Harder); c. Mix the material in A into the container;

  2. Add diced butter to the A container, flatten the two fingers, and smash the palms to make the butter finely divided;

  3. Add white sesame and hawthorn/sweet potato to step 2, stir with a tablespoon in a cut-in manner, then add milk twice, and also stir by chopping;

  4. After the whole is moistened, take it out with ease, press it into a piece of dough by hand, cut it with a spatula and stack it, and repeat it 2-3 times (in order to produce the layering of Sikang);

  5. The dough was retorted into a circular shape with a diameter of 12 cm, and then cut into 6 equal portions;

  6. Bake in a 200-degree oven for 30 minutes.


1. If you feel dark in the middle of baking, cover the tin foil; 2. I used a mousse circle to divide the dough, and then it was ugly! ! Please ignore his appearance and pay attention to its inner beauty! !

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