Recipe: Sweet potato taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato taro


Sweet potato mud noodles



  1. Sweet potato steamed into mud

  2. Add the flour and then add the yeast and mix it with chopsticks to form a floc. Start to knead the dough into a dough, and simmer until the pot is clean. The flour is slowly added. The sweet potato mud is very wet, but it will be dried too much.

  3. Seal the basin with plastic wrap and ferment it in a steamer with 30 degrees warm water for about one hour. There is potato puree, which is slower than normal fermentation.

  4. After fermenting, you can start the whole thing by venting it.

  5. Before steaming, it is best to wake up with warm water for ten minutes and then steam in the cold water pot. After the water is turned on, it will be steamed in about ten minutes. Please enjoy it.

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