Recipe: Sweet chestnut tea towel

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet chestnut tea towel


Tea towel is a linen used in Japanese tea ceremony to wipe tea sets.ちゃきんしぼり (tea towel twisting) is to use this small rag to wrap the material such as mashed potato and twist it into small dumplings. These small glutinous rice balls are soft and delicate, easy to make, and are a good partner for tea.  This time, I used the season's chestnuts and sweet potatoes to make tea towels. I can also change them to other ones according to my own preferences.



  1. Sweet potato steamed (if the sweet potato you bought is relatively large, you can cook it in a microwave oven and remove some water)

  2. The steamed sweet potato is peeled and kneaded. Use a sieve to make the sweet potato mud more delicate.

  3. Adding the right amount of honey according to your taste, the sweet potato bought this time is very sweet, so it is not put.

  4. Take a proper amount of sweet potato puree, smash it into a group, put a chestnut in the middle, and then put the sweet potato together.

  5. Wrap the sweet potato with a tea towel (can be replaced with plastic wrap), screw it up, and shape it. Then you can unlock it.

  6. Finally, a small piece of chestnut is placed on the sweet potato tea towel.


To make a sweet potato tea towel, you should pick a bigger sweet potato, so that there will be less ribs inside, and you can omit the screening step.

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