Recipe: Sweet and Sour Pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and Sour Pork



  1. The tenderloin is washed and drained, and the chopped green onion and ginger are cut for use.

  2. Cut the tenderloin into strips of appropriate size, add a pinch of salt and starch, and pour the egg into the paste.

  3. The wok is oiled and heated in a medium heat. When it is burned to seven layers of heat, the tenderloin is sautéed until golden brown, and the oil is drained.

  4. Put a little oil in the wok and heat it. Add the chopped green onion and ginger to the wok. Add soy sauce, broth, sugar, vinegar, and chicken to boil. Add the fried tenderloin, stir the juice, and use the starch to thicken the pan.


It is crispy and tender, sweet and sour, especially suitable for eating in such a hot summer. There is no greasy feeling. The kid has always loved this taste. Every time he goes to the restaurant, he will see the green eyes. Like a wolf!

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