Recipe: Sweet and sour hemp

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour hemp


It’s really bitter to taste the bitter chrysanthemum that I have grown up. With the harmony of sweet and sour, it becomes sour and bitter, and the thick taste of sesame sauce is really refreshing and fragrant~ and the nutrition of sesame is super good~ Summer is full of fire, it is good to eat a little bitter under the fire, it is conducive to convergence of heart fire ~~



  1. Wash the bitter chrysanthemum

  2. Add the sugar and vinegar to the sesame sauce, stir in a little bit, add a little water, and chop the chopsticks into a thin paste.

  3. Pour the prepared sauce into the bitter chrysanthemum


I used the vegetable drier to dry the bitter chrysanthemum. It is very convenient to use this in the summer.

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