Recipe: Sweet and sour fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour fritters


Mom is doing 哒~~It’s delicious.



  1. Cut the fritters into sections, put them in the pan and fry them for spare.

  2. Tune the juice, put sugar according to your own taste, pour vinegar (preferably with rice vinegar) just did not have the best sugar. Salt and soy sauce a little.

  3. Onion ginger garlic mince. Mix well with the bowl of juice. Pour a small amount of water (depending on the fritters).

  4. Pour the bowl of juice into the pot, boil over medium heat, add a little water starch (see the ratio of water), and gradually pour the water starch into the pot and stir with a shovel.

  5. Look at the thickness of the pot, turn into a fish bubble, pour the fritters, stir, and out. (can sprinkle with parsley)

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