Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy tofu


Reproduce the highest click rate in high school cafeteria From the sixth grade of elementary school, I embarked on the no return of the mixed dining hall. This road came until the university graduated, and I ate a full 11-year canteen meal~~ really hard!  Why do you want to introduce this high school canteen dish today? Do you not introduce a certain canteen dish in elementary school or junior high school or university?  That is because: In my long and hard 11-year canteen career, only the canteen dishes in the high school period made me look deep, and can be called "good". The other stage is the canteen dish, which is simply a variety of sad reminders, all kinds of difficult to swallow ~~~ high school canteen dishes, the most loved by children's shoes, even if you eat a dish that is not greasy every day, not "sweet and sour tofu" Genus!  The crispy tofu skin absorbs the thick sweet and sour sauce and bites it down. A hot air spews out, and the tender tofu heart bursts in the mouth. Although the tongue is suffering from high temperature, it is sweet and sour. The sauce stimulates you to eat a bit of white rice right away. The kind of deliciousness that brings me happiness is unforgettable.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mix all the seasonings except chopped green onions in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

    Mix all the seasonings except chopped green onions in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

  2. Old tofu cut into mahjong-sized pieces

  3. Carefully blot the surface of the water with kitchen paper

  4. After the oil in the pot is burnt to 80% heat, put the tofu pieces one by one and fry until golden on both sides.

  5. If there is more oil in the pot at this time, you can pour out part of it, and pour the seasoning juice into the pot.

  6. After the fire thickens the juice, sprinkle with chopped green onion, sesame, and turn off the heat.


1. To make this dish, please use old tofu, tender tofu is too tender, and there is more water. When you fry, it will not only splash oil, but also easily dissipate. 2. Before the old tofu is fried, try to dry the surface of the water, which can effectively avoid the splash of oil when frying. 3. The ratio of sugar to vinegar can be adjusted according to your own taste. You like to eat more sweet sugar, prefer to use more vinegar or ketchup.

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