Recipe: Suzhou specialty wine stuffing cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Suzhou specialty wine stuffing cake


The wine-baked cake is a special snack in Jiangnan, and the wine-baked cake in Suzhou is more famous. The dough is made from wine and flour, and the stuffing is stuffed with bean paste, sesame filling, rose filling and so on. Yangzhou's wine-brewed cake is made into a thick batter, and a spoonful of it is made in a special pan. It has no fillings and is made of steam. The baked wine cake is soft and soft, and it has been scented without taste. The scent of wine is intoxicated. Unfortunately, I still don't know the specific formula, and I haven't tested it. This time I made Suzhou's special wine cake. I didn't put the yeast, it was completely fermented by the wine. It took a long time. After 24 hours, it could only be fermented to 1 times. The finished product tasted slightly softer. If you like to eat soft, I suggest you put some yeast. It’s almost like doing a steamed buns in peacetime. Wine is also a good product for replenishing qi and blood. In addition to making wine and simmering eggs, you may also try to make it into a steamed bread. Filling with red bean paste and brown sugar is a warm tonic, nourishing blood, very suitable for women, especially in the cold season, eat more. I like to make my own bean paste. If I want to eat the delicate taste, I use the method of washing the sand. If I want to be lazy, I will be lazy. For example, if I make the bean paste stuffing, I will cook the red beans in the small pot first. Don’t put too much water, cooked. In the future, the soup will be taken over by the fire and dried. Put brown sugar, put some oil, stir fry.



  1. Mix all the ingredients into a dough, mix well and ferment in a warm place.

  2. After the fermentation is completed, it is boiled into a mass, divided into a dosage form, and wrapped in bean paste to make a cake, and wake up for 20 minutes.

  3. Cook in a pan or bake in an oven. I used the oven, 130 degrees 30 minutes, halfway through the way


Intimate little tricks: 1, the face of the pancakes should be soft, so the water in the formula should be relatively more. If you stick your hands, put a little more flour on the chopping board. 2, the authentic wine stuffing cake is cooked with oil, I want to eat more refreshing, use the oven to roast, did not put oil. Brewed bread

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