Recipe: Susie Crab----Sweet Cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Susie Crab----Sweet Cabbage


Tips! ! ! See some people will put more salt and salt. If you can't make sure that you will put less cabbage and boil it, the volume will become very small. At that time, it will be pinched and some taste is not enough. Add some salt or cabbage to the egg. The point is also OK or look at my material table. The amount of cabbage and salt is matched. Everyone is adjusted according to the ratio. The other cabbage is cut into slices. The taste and taste are different. Su Sai crab is straightforward. Cabbage is not good, it’s delicious, it’s delicious, it’s recommended for everyone. Looking down on the materials, it’s really short. There’s no haha ​​scallop or seaweed. But I prefer to use scallops, also called golden hooks. Pot with casserole non-stick pan and small wok are ok no oil so use a small fire! Small fire!



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    Scallop or sea rice small half bowl of hot water bubble water retention

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    Chinese cabbage can be cut horizontally and vertically.

  3. Put the cabbage in the pot and put the water in the scallops and evenly sprinkle the half a spoonful of salt. Then put the top of the scallops on the top and simmer the scallops. (Only the water of the scallops is enough. The small cabbage will bring out the sweet soup. soup)

  4. Until the cabbage is boiled, put two eggs in the bowl, put a little bit of cooking wine in the bowl, or don't put it in. Don't break it completely. Pour it into the pot (the cabbage scallop is better)

  5. Cover the lid until the egg tart is cooked out of the pot and drop a drop or two of the sesame oil. (If you don't like it, you don't have to put it. You can have a disgusting sesame oil in my house. The version without sesame oil is super fresh.)

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