Recipe: Susan

Home Cooking Recipe: Susan


Inspired by the black scorpion and red scorpion in Yunnan cuisine, the key element of change is to have kimchi, such as capers, sauerkraut, etc. I like the pepper, but it is not suitable for eating in the autumn, so I only used dried chili to taste it today.



  1. Buy ready-made sour beans washed and chopped, black fungus foam chopped, chopped mushrooms

  2. Heat a little oil in the pot, sauté the dried chilli and sauté the ginger, then go down and chop the peas

  3. Add seasoning, sugar, salt seasoning, continue to fry until the soup is dried


1. Because the saltiness of sour beans is not the same, so try to taste when adding salt. 2. After the mushrooms are fried, they will come out, so in the end, you should fry them for a while.

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