Recipe: Supper Matcha Milk Puff Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Supper Matcha Milk Puff Cake


Fang Zi from "Kyoto tea time! Japanese Matcha Happiness Dessert "On the batter of Matcha, sprinkled with matcha, almond powder, fine sugar, butter and crispy souffle, baked a solid pound cake, intertwined with a strong matcha taste "--P19 or less material can be used as a 21*8*6 pound cake



  1. Making the pastry: sift 5g matcha powder (milk cake), mix with 20g low-gluten flour (milk), 15g almond powder/badan powder (milk), sieve again, and cut into small pieces. Put 20g of refrigerated unsalted butter (milk) and 20g of granulated sugar (milk) into a mixing bowl, stir and mix with a spatula, mix thoroughly, and knead with your fingers until it forms a loose small After the block, cover the plastic wrap on the mixing bowl and send it to the refrigerator for free storage.

  2. 150g of butter is cut into small pieces and placed in a mixing bowl. It is softened at room temperature. After 10g of matcha powder is sieved, it is mixed with 150g of low-gluten flour and 2g of baking powder and sieved again. The mold is oiled and refrigerated or oiled. Standby, 2 room temperature eggs are broken into egg liquids

  3. Add 135g of fine granulated sugar and 15g of honey to 150g of soft butter, whipped until the color is white and the texture is light. After 2~3 times, add the broken egg liquid. Stir well and add it every time. Once, if there is oil and water separation, add a large spoon of sifted powder and continue to stir.

  4. Add the mixed sieved powder to the previous step in 2~3 times. After each addition, stir it with a spatula and mix it by pressing it.

  5. Pour the prepared batter into the mold, scrape the surface of the batter with a spatula, and draw a scratch in the middle.

  6. Remove the spare souffluff from the refrigerator, spread it evenly on the surface of the batter, and bake it in a preheated oven for 40 to 50 minutes. Be sure to observe the coloring in the middle. Once the surface is colored, immediately cover the tin foil.

  7. After baking, carefully remove the cake from the mold to dissipate heat. When it is warm to the touch, put it in a safety bag or sealed box and store it for one day.


1. The prescription on this book has high requirements for matcha powder, so it is still necessary to use good matcha powder. 2. Please do not arbitrarily reduce the amount of matcha powder in the square. 3. Please be sure to cover the tin foil in time to prevent the surface from being colored. Deep 4. If you are not sure if you are roasting, you can wear the oven gloves to take out the mold and insert the toothpick into the cake. If no batter is brought out, it means it is cooked.—————————————— ———————————————————— The recipe map uses a translucent cake mold, which is made with the general weight of the recipe. The baking time is 32 minutes.

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