Recipe: Super-flavored steamed fish ~ steamed squid osmanthus fish (homely original)

Home Cooking Recipe: Super-flavored steamed fish ~ steamed squid osmanthus fish (homely original)


Not limited to any fish oh~ Any fish that can be steamed



  1. Prepare materials. Clean the fish and wash it. Ginger is cut into ginger, and the onion is cut into long pieces or silk. (Ginger can be used when some steamed fish are left, because the landlord does not like to eat onions, so cut long sections and pick them out.) Use a knife to draw a few crosses on the surface of the fish.

  2. Marinated in addition to cockroaches. Fish plated, the surface is smeared with the right amount of salt; put the ginger onion section (the landlord will also put the ginger into the fish belly mouth, stuffed into the scratches on the surface of the fish, can remove the smell, ginger will not be too heavy Oh); put the cooking wine on both sides of the fish. Marinate for at least 20 minutes. During the curing process, the fish can be turned over and marinated to make the fish taste on both sides. (The landlord is marinated in the afternoon, do it at night)

  3. Steamed fish. Stand up the fish in the dish and squat down the fish belly. After the water in the pot is boiled, put the fish in the pot and steam for about 7-8 minutes. After steaming for too long, the fish will age. (The landlord tried to steam for 10 minutes, too old ~ to estimate the time according to the size of the fish, experienced friends can grasp the time according to the degree of fish eyes protruding)

  4. Start the pot. Pour the soup from the dish into another small bowl for use (the soup poured out of the dish will not affect the effect of the back oil and the cooking oil).

  5. Oiled. Pour the steamed fish oil evenly on the surface of the fish. Then pour the right amount of cooking oil into the pot (you can use peanut oil, etc.), not too much. After boiling, it will pour on the fish and it will make a sizzling sound.

  6. Aftertaste. It’s OK to sip the oil. In order to make it more delicious, you can pour the juice from the plate into the small bowl in the front, then stir all the juice in the small bowl and pour it back to the fish (you can taste the juice enough) Salty, if you don't have enough, add a little salt to the juice)~ You're done with O(∩_∩)O


1. The final taste is the biggest feature is also the key, is the experience of the landlord. Many people will not dump the soup from the first steamed fish before, the landlord feels a waste. After trying to find out, mixing the soup from the steamed fish with the broth of the oil and then pouring it back on the fish, the fish can be added to the taste and the soup is more delicious. 2. According to experience, the landlord once used steamed fish with green peppers. I didn't like the taste very much and covered up the fish. If you look good in order to increase the bright color, it is recommended to lay on the surface of the fish at the time of the table, so that it does not affect the taste.

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