Recipe: Super fast hand braised chicken leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Super fast hand braised chicken leg


The braised style of the thick red sauce is a must for every meal I have ever had. Grandma's grandmother and mother each tastes different and has the same essence. After leaving home, no matter how big or small the restaurant is, it can't reach the wonderful taste in memory. Hey, pick up the spatula by yourself. Because the learning work is busy and fast, it can be completed in 20 minutes.



  1. Wash the chicken legs and make two strokes. Add a little cooking wine and salt for ten minutes

  2. Drain the oil. Add ginger and garlic anise to the musk. Stir-fried chicken legs for 3-5 minutes

  3. After the chicken legs are scented, the two spatula are released and the old shovel is 1.5. Two tablespoons of sugar. Put a small bowl of water. The fire is a little smaller. Stew.

  4. Almost 15-20 minutes of water is less (the last few minutes is best to prevent the water from burning). carry out.

  5. You can add spices to your taste. I added a bit of black pepper and thyme at the end. Very flavoring and flavoring.

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