Recipe: Super easy to marinate salty duck eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Super easy to marinate salty duck eggs


The egg yolk of salted duck eggs is really my favorite ~ yolk crisp, egg yolk meat, salted egg stew...



  1. If the fresh duck eggs you bought are dirty, then wipe them gently with cotton cloth and then wash them with water to dry them thoroughly. It takes about one night. If the egg itself is not dirty, you can choose the second method, directly take the gauze and high-concentration liquor and wipe it once and put it on standby, so you don't need to dry the process. You can choose according to the actual situation.

  2. Pour high-concentration white wine into a bowl for later use, then pour the fine salt into another small bowl, then dip the duck egg into the white wine bowl for 20 seconds, then roll it, let it all wet, and immediately pick it up. Roll into a thin salt bowl and let it stick to the salt, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the bag.

  3. Put all the eggs in a large bag in turn, tie the bag tightly, and put it in a cool, ventilated place. This method is not easy to pickle and smell when it is salt-salted. The only problem is that it takes a long time, so it takes about 30 days. The specific time varies depending on the temperature, so you can take one out and try it out. test. Don't worry that the protein is too salty for too long. This method of marinating the egg yolk will produce oil, but the protein will not be too salty. It’s really salty and salty. Next time I teach you a salted egg stew, it’s the perfect solution to this problem.


1, duck eggs are best to buy fresh, the quality of the eggs also determines the quality of a large part of the final product. 2, white wine is best to choose 50 degrees or more, the family has the kind of burning liquor can be used directly, no, the supermarket that kind of a few dollars a bottle of Erguotou can also 3, salt to fine salt, sticky better, The coarse salt is harder to stick, and the amount of the dip is not much. 4. After the exposure, it may be because the salt in the bowl has moisture. The viscosity of the white wine is not good. At this time, the salt is poured in, and then rolled again. Worried that the salt is poured out and wasted, the salt that can be used can be poured into the seasoning tank and used for cooking. There is no problem at all. 6. The eggs washed with water must be thoroughly! thorough! ! ! Dry, don't think that there is no water on the surface, there may be in the pores of the eggshell, so be sure to dry it a little longer.

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